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IMG_4558Why I teach

I teach in order to share how time on the mat helps life off the mat.

My classes combine meditation, breath work (pranayama), slow flowing postures (asana), and therapeutic and restorative postures to connect mind, body, and spirit. I model multiple versions of postures so you can explore what works in your body on any given day. With hands-on assists, a focus on transitions, and a good dose of humor, I encourage students to make the practice your own.

Ginny breaks things down in a way that is accessible and encouraging.  She offers classic yoga principles in an endearing and penetrating way.  – Ellen

Ginny muddy handstandWhat to expect

Expect to find more people in sweats than spandex. As a friend once put it, “You teach yoga for regular people.” My classes ask you to focus inward to make connections in your body.

Don’t expect “pretzel” poses. Each student can find a version of a posture that helps awaken your natural energy. My role is to guide you to those options and modifications. That doesn’t mean the class is easy. We work a great deal with our core body – awakening those deep internal muscles that too often let the big guys on the surface take over.

Expect to breathe. A lot. A recent bit of tea-bag wisdom reminded me that the way to master something is to teach it. (I’m not above taking advice from the universe in whatever form it’s presented!) Because I’m the yoga teacher who holds her breath when walking down the sidewalk, I focus a great deal on breathing. I know exactly how easy it is to forget.

Come ready to play. Some days it’s with rubber “pinky” balls. Others we grow mermaid tails, fly like superheroes, or grow new roots.

Expect to let go. Walk into the room knowing you can check the job/kids/assignments/money woes/heartbreak at the door. Use yoga’s simple and ancient traditions to connect to the ground and the sky through the channel of your core body.

A good class leaves you feeling lighter and more stable at the same time. A great class lets you carry that fluid stability into daily life. When I start my day on the mat, things go better and I feel happier than the days I don’t.

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